The SPS Museum Srinagar was established in 1898 AD in the Maharaja’s Summer guest house largely based on collections transferred from State Toshkhana. Approximately 79,595 artifacts and objects covering various subjects like Archaeology, Numismatics, Decorative Art, Arms and Armory, Paintings, Textiles etc are housed in the Museum.

No. of Sculptures 1992
No. of Paintings 680
No. of Manuscripts 2399
No. of Weapons 356
No. of Textile items 333
Anthropology/Enthrographical items 60
Natural History items 620
No. of Decorative Art items 1096
No. of Numismatic items 71131
No. of Geology & Mineral items 900
No. of Jewellery items 28
Total:- 79595

Location :-

  SPS Museum, Lal-Mandi, Srinagar

Timings & Working days of Museums :-

  10:00 am to 5:00 pm (6-days week Tuesday to Sunday)

Entry Fees:-

Foreigners Rs.50/-
Indian Citizens Rs.10/-
Students of Private Schools Rs.5/-
Students of Govt. Schools Rs.2/-

To whom Contact :-

Curator, SPS Museum Lalmadi Srinagar 9906936480