Dogra Art Museum, Jammu previously known as Dogra Art Gallery with a special collection of Basohli paintings was inaugurated by Dr. Rajender Prasad, His Excellency the President of India on 18th of April, 1954. at Gandhi Bhawan, Jammu. This gallery was upgraded to a full-fledged multipurpose museum and shifted in 1991 to its present building situated in Mubarak Mandi complex, Old Secretariat, Jammu known as Pink Hall. Dogra Art Museum, Jammu the abode of treasure trove of Dogra Cultural heritage. The museum is known world over for its collection of miniature paintings especially paintings from Basohali.

The other collections of this museum are Terracotta heads from Akhnoor. Sculptures, numismatics, manuscripts, dogra costumes, jewellery, arms and armoury, metal objects and decorative art. The intricately decorated marble jharokhas with inlay work of semi precious stones in the marble hall further embellishes the charisma of the museum collection.

S.No Collection Quantity
01. Miniature Paintings 702
02. Manuscripts 686
03. Modern Art 26
04. Coins 4466
05. Jewellery 111
06. Portraits of Jammu rulers 5
07. Folk Arts 263
08. Textiles 140
09. Oil painting ( Baru collection) 80
10. Arms 395
11. Sculptures 195
12. Metal objects 70
13. FFossils 14
14. TTerracotta 7
15. MMusical instruments 10
16. Paper Machie 20
17. Mineral stones 26
Total 7216

  Dogra Art Museum, Mubarak Mandi, Jammu

Timings & Working days of Museums-

10:00 am to 5:00 pm (6-days week Tuesday to Sunday)

Entry Fees:-

Foreigners Rs.50/-
Indian Citizens Rs.10/-
Students of Private Schools Rs.5/-
Students of Govt. Schools Rs.2/-

To whom Contact :-

Curator, Dogra Art Museum 9419102978